My name is Shirley Thatcher and I offer an affordable, professional and confidential counselling service for those living in Bristol, North Somerset and surrounding areas. I work with individuals and couples who have recognised that they may need some help with the challenges they are facing in their lives. We all need a little help sometimes.

I have experience in:     
  •    Helping with depression 
  •    Dealing with anxiety and stress
  •    Improving low self esteem
  •    Trauma counselling
  •    Counselling for anger management
  •    Dealing with addictions
  •    Providing help with eating disorders
  •    Counselling for couples and relationship issues
  •    Dealing with bereavement
  •    Working with pregnancy related issues
  •    Help with Post Natal depression  
  •    Supporting personal development
I believe that people are always doing the best they can and actually want to have fulfilling lives that have meaning and purpose. I think people have a right to this and should not feel that they have to settle in some way. However, sometimes we can feel overwhelmed with the challenges in our lives and need a place where we can have some space to think about ourselves, without fear of being judged, criticised or being given advice. I believe we have the answers within us and by being listened to in a respectful way, we can come up with our own solutions. This can take time however. There isn't always a quick fix but by working together change is possble.
If you are experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness, sadness, powerlessness, lack of trust in others, confusion and are finding it hard to change things or are feeling disconnected from those you already have relationships with, counselling may help.  

Change is possible....


Location and Cost

Working from home in a village just a 5 minute drive from J.19 of the M5, I provide a personal and local counselling service offering help and support for individuals and couples (including marriage) living in Bristol and North Somerset, such as Portishead, Clevedon, Nailsea and Backwell, as well as South Wales.
If, after contacting me, you are interested in counselling, I can offer an initial introductory session lasting one hour, with no strings attached, of £35 for the full hour for individuals and £45 for couples. After that if we decide to work together, we will agree a time that is suitable for us both to meet on a weekly basis either for an agreed upon or a more open-ended period of time. 

After that my fee is £45 per hourly session (or £60 for couples for a 75 minute session). I do have a limited number of reduced price sessions available which I provide to students and those whose income does not easily allow them to access this service.
I offer short-term and long-term affordable counselling.
If you would like further information, please do call:  01275 374997 or email me
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